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AUMIRETA Shuttlecock Productions capable of producing high quality products for professional athletes.

AUMIRETA Shuttlecock Productions began in early 2000’s as a small home industry inside basement garage. Moving on fifteen years from the date, the factory now operates in 20,000 square meters in-house productions with capabilities of producing 30,000 sloves per/months.

The company has full government licensed such as Nomor Kontrol Veteriner (NKV), Rekomendasi Export and Import capable of importing feathers and exporting shuttlecock to overseas country. Our advanced laboratory and skilled employement has provide us with new innovation on staying ahead our competitors by producing quality shuttlecock products for top brands in the worlds.

AUMIRETA Shuttlecock Productions are equipped with Automatic Precision High-Tech machines such as auto planting-boring machines, auto axis glueing placements, auto conveyor transportation systems. The factory has in-house quarrantine area, enewable washing plant and waste-free management system approved by local authority.

All of our shuttlecock products comply with Sanitary Certificate (Dinas Karantina Hewan), Pythosanitary Certificate (Dinas Karantina Tumbuhan).