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As a company, of course, it is an important obligation for us to continue to build relationships with many related parties, namely by sponsoring many events held in the city of Malang. The goal is to help many other businesses to move forward together, one of which is sponsored by our company is a golf tournament which in this case can be used as a forum for developing this sport and attracting many enthusiasts and as a venue for introducing the company and expanding the reach of the AUMIRETA GROUP as a company according to the segmentation of each of our subsidiaries. The more we provide sponsors, the greater the hope that the relationship will be wider so that the company will become increasingly known. 

Some of the sports that get sponsors from our company apart from the Aumireta Golf Tournament are, USC, the badminton sports branch to help the development of talented young athletes, then HIPMI which is also one of our recipients of sponsors as a forum for young Indonesian entrepreneurs to continue to grow and continue to make many changes that can help build the Indonesian economy with a lot of innovation and creativity that continues to be developed.