Care . Health . Safety


The world faces multiple crises today — the COVID-19 pandemic, and the increase in outbreaks during the past Covid have made our company move to take part in the prevention of outbreaks. We took a big role by helping distribute as many as 5000 PPE, 2000 facemasks, and 100,000 masks.

Our on-the-ground expertise has reached more than 50 hospitals and other territories in East Java and Jakarta. We must do more collectively, we must act faster together. So that the assistance we provide can be evenly distributed and can be useful during a pandemic. Not only large hospitals that get help from us, but clinics in Malang areas also do not go unnoticed by us, the distribution that we focus on in the city of Malang is expanding to various cities such as Surabaya, Blitar, Banyuwangi to Jakarta. Through our commitment to continue to do charity and humanity can continue to help Indonesia in dealing with Covid19.